B2Bgrid Xchange

The B2Bgrid Xchange module is the heart of our platform that powers integration processes. There are five main global building blocks: connectivity (http(s), email, FTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, VAN GXS, X400, …), messaging (EDI, XML, flat file, csv, …), business process automation, security and administration, track & tracing.

  • Connectivity: delivers any-to-any communication (http(s), email, FTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, VAN GXS, X400, …) and is a secure, highly scalable, flexible and secure multi-protocol solution for connectivity throughout your global enterprise internal & external infrastructure
  • Messaging: supports a variety of file formats including EDI, XML, flat file, csv, … . In addition, adapters are available for accounting, ERP, logistics & other applications—each providing an out-of-the-box connection
  • Business process automations: enables to design, execute business process workflows that catch events and trigger activities
  • Security and administration: delivers a a complete picture of the transaction lifecycle and a clear history of reported events
  • Track & tracing: obtain real-time insight into your B2B transactions with our web-based online portal