B2Bgrid Communities

The B2Bgrid Communities module allows our customer to build a community network via a cloud B2B platform. We not only streamline and automate business processes that are critical to your company’s success, but you will also be able to interact electronically with the relevant people within your supply chain.

Effective trading partner relationships are the cornerstone of a profitable, predictable business, yet many organizations struggle to register and operationalize new trading partners. With this module, our customers can streamline the process of gathering trading partner company and persons data, automate repeatable onboarding processes, certify trading partners for business faster, and have the necessary reporting tools to evaluate supply chain KPI’s.

Key benefits of the Features of the B2Bgrid Communities module:

  • Reduce on-boarding time and costs by streamlining communications between partners
  • Enhancing of trading partners
  • Centralized management of trading partners profile
  • Policy controls
  • Community analytics
  • KPI measurement