B2Bgrid Business Intelligence

The B2Bgrid Business Intelligence module provides reporting capabilities that deliver our customers aggregated information on their supply chain data. The solution offers standard and configurable reporting, so employees of our customers have access to their relevant data and KPI’s.

The module leverages data from all the modules of the B2Bgrid platform.

The B2Bgrid Business Intelligence module enables you to harness and leverage a wealth of business transaction data so that you can aggregate information, monitor performance against KPI’s, manage exceptions and guide community actions.

Key benefits of the Features of the B2Bgrid Business Intelligence module:

  • Role-based, user-personalized online dashboards
  • Numerical and graphical representation of operating positions
  • Proactive exception alerts/notifications
  • Direct drill down to further detail and transactions
  • Visibility to aggregated metrics
  • Visibility to order response cycle times
  • KPI measurement