Companies need to collaborate with people and businesses across many geographies and industries. Those companies make up your supply chain and /or business community. But is your community working well together, can it be managed better, do you have insights in critical data, how can you interact more efficient & effective with people?

Cloud-based B2B Integration helps you build business communities networks that share information in real time, increase time to market for new goods and collaborate quickly and seamlessly.

The B2Bgrid Communities module allows you to build a community network via a cloud-based B2B platform. We not only streamline and automate business processes that are critical to your company’s success, but you will also be able to interact electronically with relevant people within your supply chain.

The B2Bgrid Communities platform not only manages the B2B transactions between trading partners, but today - ever more important then before - also the person to person relationships as well.

The B2Bgrid Communities module combined with our expertise, provides unsurpassed speed and technical support for trading partner enablement (small, midsize or large trading partners) and change management.

Ongoing Monitoring

After we’ve established your community (customers, suppliers, industries), we provide around-the-clock support for your program. In addition, we offer you a web-based dashboard with relevant KPIs related with trading partner enablement, trading partner performance, messaging traffic both in real time and historically.

It monitors the big data of trading messages in real time and provides critical event alerts if necessary. With intuitive graphs and charts showing positions and trends, supply chain professionals can quickly access aggregated performance metrics, and drill down into details.