Empowering a green and social supply chain

Today, there is more and more pressure on companies of all sizes and across all industries. The world is changing, in fundamental ways. It is becoming smaller, flatter and smarter. There is more & more pressure on supply chains of companies. To deal effectively with risk and meet your business objectives, supply chains must become a lot smarter, transparant and better managed.

Companies need to collaborate with people and businesses across many geographies and industries. Those companies make up your supply chain and /or business community. But is your community working well together, can it be managed better, do you have insights in critical data, how can you interact more efficient & effective with people within your community?

Cloud-based B2B Integration helps you build supply chain and / or business communities networks that share information in real time, increase time to market for new goods and collaborate quickly and seamlessly.

We empower a green and a social supply chain

The B2Bgrid platform streamlines and automates business processes that are critical to your company’s success, removing the burden of paper processes and accelerating integration. The B2Bgrid platform not only manages the B2B transactions between trading partners, but today - ever more important then before - also the person to person relationships as well.

With a single portal platform, we offer real-time visibility into all your B2B transactions, and tools for online collaboration and managing your supply chain.