B2B Integration is easy

With a long history of accumulated B2B integration and communities experience, and substantial and relevant technology assets at their disposal, B2Bgrid is in a unique position to leverage our intellectual property and expertise.
We deliver the B2Bgrid platform, a secure, cloud-based B2B Integration and Communities solutions to the industry at a fraction of the cost, at reduced risk, and on an accelerated time line compared to other alternatives.

The B2Bgrid platform makes B2B Integration & Communities projects easy. Follow the next steps:

step 1 Is your supply chain / business community working well together, can it be managed better, do you have insights in critical data, how can you interact more efficient & effective with people within your community? Create visibility in your supply chain.

step 2 From connecting systems & persons in the cloud, to completely managed communities, select one of our B2B integration solutions that meet your specific business requirements.

step 3 Never before has business data been more valuable or expansive than it is today. Manage online from you smartphone ar tablet your supply chain business data & turn it into valuable information.