Privacy Statement

B2Bgrid handles personal data as required by the GDPR 2016679 dd. 27.04.2016.

Web sites and applications operated by B2Bgrid may use cookies and store personal data on central server and your computer. By using these web sites and applications, you accept usage of these cookies, storage, and processing of your personal data.

B2Bgrid collects and processes personal data to provide services to its clients and stakeholders, including but not limited to: * deliver services as requested / purchased; * answer questions and provide information about our services, actions, or events in our business domain; * evaluate the quality of our operations and our services.

In order for B2Bgrid to deliver its services and to comply with legal obligations, B2Bgrid * shares personal data with third parties; * keeps personal data as long as needed.

Anyone has the right to review and correct their personal data.

B2Bgrid takes the necessary (physical, technical and organisational) measures to protect all personal data.

For any question regarding this privacy statement or GDPR please contact