About B2Bgrid – Empowering a green and social supply chain

B2B Integration: Convergence of Systems & People

With a long history of accumulated B2B integration and communities experience, and substantial and relevant technology assets at their disposal, B2Bgrid is in a unique position to leverage our intellectual property and expertise to deliver secure, cloud-based B2B Integration and Communities solutions to the industry at a fraction of the cost, at reduced risk, and on an accelerated time line compared to other alternatives.

Company Facts
  • Founded in 2011 and privately held
  • Becoming the innovative thought leader in the B2B Integration & Communities market
  • Delivering technology and service-based solutions that lead to full outsourcing of B2B Integration & Communities functions
  • Industry-specific knowledge & customers in Retail, Do-it-yourself, Pharma, Logistics, Utilities & Telco, Technology
  • B2Bgrid is committed to social and environmental responsibility
  • Headquartered in Belgium, Europe
Our advantages
  • A highly flexible Cloud-based B2B Integration & Communities platform that rapidly integrates and connects cross-business applications, processes, people and industry services within and outside the enterprise, effectively extending an organization’s existing infrastructure
  • We offer our customers end-to-end B2B Integration & Communities solutions delivering low Total-Cost-of-Ownership and high ease of use
European Network
  • B2Bgrid offers a European-wide presence partnering with many EDI providers in the European EDI Network.