Utilities & Telco

The accelerating speed and globalization of business has forced companies to entirely transform their approach from “build to last” to “build to adapt.” Vertically integrated enterprises have given way to increasingly disaggregated models of specialized businesses that interoperate to create end-to-end deliverables.

Rather than trying to command an industry by building a monolithic isolated enterprise, today’s businesses have learned to become fast, nimble aggregates that connect with partners to collaborate and deliver innovative products and solutions to a diverse audience of customers. To differentiate, companies are offering a more complete portfolio of services, driving further complexity in supply chain relationships and requiring more effective partner orchestration.

In these highly regulated industries, managing and tracking the flow of information is at the top of the priority list for everyone concerned with ensuring compliance and preventing accidental data loss due to human error.

B2Bgrid provides comprehensive B2B Integration & Communities solutions that enable:

  • Energy and other utilities providers deliver customer data (master data, switching) and billing (metering data) information accurately and on time, and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Telecom providers to automate and monitor billing and other high-volume data exchanges with commercial and residential customers, and manage collaborative processes with value network partners.